Applebee Breakfast Menu

Applebee Breakfast Menu Delights: Start Your Day Right!

Applebee’s does not offer a breakfast menu as their focus is on lunch and dinner. They open daily at 11 am or later, depending on the location.

Discovering the perfect spot for a hearty breakfast can be quite the quest, especially when your cravings lead you to think of Applebee’s savory offerings. Unfortunately, those looking to kickstart their day with Applebee’s won’t find breakfast waiting for them.

The popular chain restaurant is well-known for its lunch and dinner menus, which feature a variety of appetizers, entrees, and delicious desserts. From classic burgers and steaks to healthier options like salads and bowls, there’s something for everyone at Applebee’s. Despite the absence of a breakfast menu, the restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere and extensive menu make it a go-to destination for many once the doors open later in the day.

The Rise Of Breakfast At Applebee’s

Applebee’s has welcomed the morning crowd with an expanding breakfast menu. Early risers now have a variety of delicious options to start their day. The casual dining giant is transitioning into a morning favorite for many.

Their menu features classic dishes with a twist, catering to different tastes. Patrons can enjoy pancakes, omelets, and signature skillets. Each dish is crafted to offer a fulfilling breakfast experience.

Category Options
Hearty Plates Steak & Eggs, Breakfast Burrito
Sweet Treats Cinnamon Roll French Toast, Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Healthy Choices Yogurt Parfait, Fruit Bowl

Each meal pairs well with freshly brewed coffee or fruit juice. Applebee’s ensures a cozy ambiance for friends and families to gather and enjoy their morning meal.

Applebee Breakfast Menu Delights: Start Your Day Right!

Savoring The Classics

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu delights with Hearty Platters designed to energize your morning. Fans of traditional breakfasts will rejoice in options like the Classic Egg Platter and the Bacon and Eggs Combo.

Those with a sweet tooth aren’t left out, as the menu features fluffy pancakes and golden waffles. Maple syrup drizzles and fruit toppings turn these dishes into sweet indulgences.

Hearty Platters Sweet Indulgences
Classic Egg Platter Pancakes with Syrup
Bacon and Eggs Combo Waffles and Fruit

Health-conscious Choices

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu caters to health-focused diners with delightful options.

Fresh Fruit Bowls burst with vibrant, juicy selections. Yogurt Parfaits layer smooth yogurt with crunchy granola.

These dishes promise a balance of flavor and nourishment.

Energizing Smoothies blend nutritious fruits and vegetables. Juices offer a refreshing morning zest.

These beverages are perfect for a quick, wholesome start to the day.

Eggs And Omelettes: A Customizable Feast

Explore Applebee’s exciting breakfast options! Start your day with a feast. Choose eggs and omelettes just how you like them.

Build-Your-Own Options let everyone create their perfect meal. Pick your favorite ingredients from a list that includes cheese, vegetables, and meats. Mix and match to suit your taste!

The Signature Omelette Creations are a must-try. Each one is uniquely crafted with fresh and tasty ingredients. They are perfect for those who love new flavors!

Sides And Extras

Applebee’s offers a variety of breakfast sides to complement any meal. Guests can enjoy crispy hash browns, perfect for soaking up flavors. Those who prefer a classic side can opt for golden-brown bacon strips, adding a savory crunch to their breakfast.

The Bread Basket selection features warm toast and fluffy muffins. Each option pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes, providing a comforting start to the day. Applebee’s ensures there’s a side to satisfy everyone’s morning cravings.

Beverage Bonanza

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu delights with its Gourmet Coffee Selections. Espresso lovers rejoice with rich, bold flavors. Latte and cappuccino options abound, tailored to personal taste. Single-origin coffees shine, highlighting unique regional notes.

Teas and Infusions promise a serene morning. Choose from classic black, green, or herbal teas. Each cup offers a gentle wake-up call. Enjoy the subtle aromas and delicate flavors as a perfect start to the day.

Applebee’s Breakfast For Kids

Applebee’s offers special breakfast options designed for kids. Their menu features fun and nutritious meals that are perfect for little ones. Each dish is sized just right for children, ensuring they enjoy a meal that’s both filling and exciting.

Among the favorites are mini pancakes, scrambled eggs, and slices of fresh fruit. These dishes are not only tasty but also packed with nutrients important for growing kids. The menu also includes drink choices like milk or juice, which are healthy alternatives to soda.

Seasonal And Regional Specials

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu constantly evolves with seasonal offerings. Local ingredients shine, ensuring fresh and vibrant flavors. Regional specials reflect the community’s palate, providing a unique dining experience.

Limited-time menus introduce guests to new tastes. These exclusive dishes are available only for a short period. They often celebrate local festivals or seasons. Diners eagerly anticipate these special creations.

Season Special Menu Item Ingredients
Spring Strawberry Pancake Breakfast Fresh strawberries, whipped cream
Summer Peach Glazed Chicken & Waffles Ripe peaches, honey glaze
Fall Pumpkin Spice French Toast Pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg
Winter Cranberry Orange Muffin Platter Dried cranberries, orange zest

Planning Your Visit

Start your morning with a delightful Applebee’s breakfast. To enjoy a tasty meal, find the closest location using Applebee’s online restaurant locator. Check the hours before heading out, as they vary by location. Typically, breakfast starts at 7 AM and can go on until 11 AM. For a quieter experience, aim to visit before 9 AM on weekdays. Weekends tend to be busier, especially around 10 AM. Early birds usually find shorter wait times and a calm atmosphere. Enjoy classic breakfast options and signature dishes that Applebee’s is known for. Remember, timing is key for the best breakfast experience!

Rewards And Deals

Becoming a member of the Applebee’s Club unlocks exclusive rewards. Members enjoy early access to new dishes and special discounts on breakfast favorites. Sign up on their website for instant deals.

For breakfast enthusiasts, Applebee’s offers enticing coupons. Check your inbox regularly for these promotions. These deals provide substantial savings on various breakfast items.

Breakfast Item Special Offer
Pancake Breakfast 10% off with Club Signup
Omelette Platter Free drink on Tuesdays
Bacon & Eggs Buy 1 Get 1 on Wednesdays

Catering And Group Meals

Applebee’s excels at making group meals a breeze. Effortless catering services are available for those hosting events. Choose from a variety of party platters and bulk orders to suit any occasion. Each option is crafted to provide a flavorful experience for all guests.

Your next event can be complemented with Applebee’s signature dishes. Delight in the convenience of ready-to-serve meals. The Applebee breakfast menu offers crowd-pleasing favorites for early gatherings.

Platter Type Menu Highlights Serving Size
Appetizers Wings, Spinach Dip Small to Large Groups
Main Course Omelets, Pancakes Varies
Sides Fruit, Potatoes Customizable

Feedback And Favorites

Applebee’s breakfast menu has stirred up excitement among foodies. Guests rave about the fluffy pancakes and savory omelets. Many recommend trying the signature skillet dishes, packed with flavor. Families love the variety that caters to both kids and adults. The health-conscious options also get a thumbs up. Friendly service rounds out a delightful breakfast experience. Don’t miss out on seasonal specials that often become crowd favorites. Share your top picks with fellow diners and help others discover new flavors!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The 2 For $20 Work At Applebee’s?

Applebee’s 2 for $20 deal offers two entrees and one appetizer to share for just $20, providing an affordable dining option.

Is Applebee’s Discontinuing The Brunch Burger?

As of now, there is no official announcement from Applebee’s about discontinuing the brunch burger. Keep an eye on their menu for updates.

What Is Applebee’s Corporate Phone Number?

Applebee’s corporate phone number is (888) 592-7753 for customer service inquiries and support.

Can You Mix And Match The All You Can Eat At Applebee’s?

No, Applebee’s all you can eat promotion does not allow mix and matching of menu items. Guests must stick to one type of dish per order.


Exploring the Applebee’s breakfast menu is truly a delight for any morning meal enthusiast. Whether you crave sweet pancakes or savory omelets, they have something to satisfy. Remember, starting your day with a good breakfast can really set the tone.

So, why not kick it off at Applebee’s? Your taste buds will thank you!


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